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این مقاله در تاریخ 25 نوامبر فرستاده میشه،شما میتونید ایمیلتونو بزارید تا از زمان آماده شدن با خبر بشید.


October 27 — November 3, 2015
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Central Asia has a solid tradition of creating grandiose parks. The Iranian ones are very well-kept.

There is a vast area with exercise equipment in every park.

Dozens of benches in a park besides Vali Asr station in the city center.

A park with pine trees, benches and a fountain on the ring road.

Canals go across the whole city, like in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

A street near the bazaar. It's worth noting that generally Iranians try to look good. Men wear mostly shirts and suits. Women have nice make-up on.

Women are choosing carpets.

The bazaar.