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این مقاله در تاریخ 25 نوامبر فرستاده میشه،شما میتونید ایمیلتونو بزارید تا از زمان آماده شدن با خبر بشید.


October 27 — November 3, 2015
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The transportation system is very developed, Iran is covered with a wide network of highways.

Like in Shanghai, cars usually won't stop at the pedestrian crossing. The green light for pedestrians just indicates you can try to run across the road. Police ignores these violations, because otherwise the already heavy traffic will become unbearable.

Metropolitan citizens are crossing the road.

To cope with enormous traffic the city has implemented a rapid bus transit system.

All the sidewalks have lots of curb stops so that motorcyclists won’t be able to use them.

Carriage issue is solved ingeniously.

Park entrance.

There are a lot of motocyclists, and it's noisy on the streets.

Motorcyclists have windshields with a clear window in the middle.

And attach colorful handmade bags as well.

There are two types of the taxi: yellow “shared taxi” (common in the Middle East) which take up to 4 people and green “closed door taxi” taking only one passenger. Unlike in Arab countries women are allowed to drive.

Around the whole country navigation is translated into English. Every crossing has a sign with the names of the streets and squares nearby.

Brand new Tehran metro was opened in 2000. There are five lines, the longest of which leads to Karaj, a city in the suburban area of Tehran, with a population of two millions. Metro is the easiest way of moving around the city. However, trains run every 10 minutes which is obviously not enough as at rush hour the cars are overcrowded.

Metro entrance. At the central stations there are elevators as well.

Inside a station.

All the stations are designed according to one and the same project. There’s a certain place for a murial and a mop is always in the corner.

Pretty car exit markup on the floor.

Social ads in the metro.

Elevator signs.

Detailed map of the area.

Exit sign.

Navigation at the exit.

Trash bins in the metro. In Russia we don't have them for security reasons, but these are easy to change and it’s always clear what’s inside.

Any railway or bus terminal got a stand with free phone chargers and drinking fountains.

Drinking fountain in Isfahan bus terminal.

Paid parking is all over central Tehran.

Pedestrian bridge with an escalator, Isfahan.

All the bus stops have proper night lighting.

Upper level of the highway.

And a pedestrian crossing with benches under it.

Benches along the road.